Have the conversations that will move your church forward

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One of my favourite speakers, pastors and authors, Carey Nieuwhof has a new book, Lasting Impact, out today. If you ever wondered why your church isn’t growing, why high capacity volunteers are leaving your church, or why so many church leaders end up unhealthy, this book will help. It addresses 7 key issues facing almost every church. Buy today and …


What is the future of the local church? – my interview for Christianity magazine

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I’m speaking at the Faith in The Future conference at the London School of Theology, later this month on 22nd June.  I’ve been asked to talk about The Future of the Local Church. In advance of that, Christianity Magazine interviewed me about some of things I might be talking about.  You can catch that interview online here.


Preaching and the Holy Spirit: my article for Preach Magazine

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Preach Magazine is superb hardcopy and online resources for preachers and teachers. Preach Magazine asked me to write an article for them titled, Practising innovation: How can worship be orderly and controlled, yet open to the Holy Spirit?  My article will appear in the summer 2015 issue titled ‘Preaching and the Holy Spirit’, and I’ll let you know when that …

Free online access to some of the best Christian research in the world

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George Fox University have a digital commons, where student research and projects are published online.  You can search and access it free here. My Doctor of Ministry Dissertation is in there, ‘Via media : the necessity of deeper theological refection for the genuine renewal of church in the emerging culture and context‘.  The image above shows the real time access …


Understanding the Church and faith in public life

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One my favourite journals/magazines is Comment by Cardus.  It is available in hard copy or iPad.  For a taste of it’s content, try these two articles by Jamie Smith, here and here. They explore the nature of faith in public life and and understanding of what the church is supposed to be.  To often visions for Church are whether they …

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Turn ministry ideas into action in 4 steps: lessons from a church planter #3

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How do you get great ideas, at least things you think are great ideas and initiatives, and see them come to life and action, and then stay alive and healthy? All to often leaders come up with ideas that never get off the ground or once started in a flash of excitement then fade away into nothing.  Great ideas rarely …

Right Now Media: great new discipleship video streaming service

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Very comprehensive streaming video resource library from rightnowmedia.org.  It might seem a little pricey, but if people in our churches were using it regulary it would be very cost effective for training.  Also people could subscribe together through their church for access. I’ve asked for a demo and will take if for a spin and then review it more here. 

Pop Goes the Culture: my favourite resource on culture

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My favourite audio journal is from Mars Hill Audio.  So it was wonderful to see the profile given to it and it’s creator Ken Myers in the Weekly Standard. Myers set out to create a resource where orthodox religious believer could engage intellectually wide-ranging topics.  Mark Knoll produced the now infamous summary work that ‘The scandal of the evangelical mind is …